Turned the oscillating fan up to medium last night and I was able to do some knitting (we’re cheap grad students and keep our apartment a bit on the warm side). I finished the brim and ready to start the chart for the Trilobite Hat from the Summer 2009 Knitty. The yarn I’m using is purple (big surprise there) and frogged from a magic squares scarf I made a couple of years ago.Magic Squares scarf I had made the scarf skinny and very long so that it was just too cumbersome to wear. Now it’s going to be a very cool hat and possibly a cowl if I have enough yarn.

I fell in love with the hat pattern when I first saw it, in part because I taught an intro to geology course this spring and had been re-introduced to trilobites in the section on relative dating. Two of my three thesis committee members regularly teach that same course and I can’t wait until they see this hat this winter. I love having a knitty project with geology. Oh and I definitely love the purple!!