Yes, yes we do like our blankets here at Chez Poor Grad Students. But it’s not just my husband and I. Oh no, even our cat likes the blankets, although she prefers to remain on top of the blankets rather than underneath them as her humans do.

Here Tigger is napping on not one, not two, but THREE of our blankets. Because one is never enough.

Now she’s made herself more comfortable by tucking her head over so that it’s upside down to the world.

In this close up, you can see that she is also partially shielding her face with her front leg to protect her sensitive eyes from the nasty morning light.

Speaking of warm things, I’ve been working on the sweater for my mom and have finally taken pictures as well.

Here you can see the sweater as it was this morning. Since then I’ve knit 6 entire rows of the lace pattern. At this rate it’ll be finished in no time.

I’ve also finished two of my goals for the week – I wrote the section of Ch. 2 and I sent in the paperwork to renew my passport. The passport renewal was grueling. I had to get a haircut, get passport photos taken at Walgreens, dig out a certified copy of my marriage license, write a check to the Department of State, and successfully stuff all of these items, the renewal application, and my old passport into a properly addressed envelope. But now the paperwork is in and barring any complications, I will once again be free to roam the world by this summer. The reason I had put off getting everything together for the passport renewal was because of the passport photos. I’ve had to get new photos the past 4-5 years so that I could get an International Drivers Permit each year, but this photo will be in my passport for the next 10 years, so I had to make it good (especially because I’ve had a really hideous pic for the past 10 years). I’m happy with the photo and won’t be ashamed to flash my passport photo anymore.