I have a serious addiction. It’s to yarn. My yarn addiction hasn’t yet translated into a huge yarn stash (yet being the operative word), but I’m afraid it has now morphed into an addiction to making yarn by spinning fiber.

I’m 2/3 of the way through the fiber samples that came with my “Learn to Spin” kit. The first yarn was bad…

I left this skein as single ply, as an example to future yarn that I shall spin.

This is the second sample of fiber that came with the kit.

The ball on the right was spun before the ball on the left (with penny). My consistency is getting better and I believe I’ll be able to make a yarn I can use to knit with. This yarn-in-progress is now waiting because I’m going to spin the third fiber and then ply the two together.

Here’s the third fiber, waiting to be spun.

I can’t wait to see how the yarn will end up once I’ve spun the above fiber and plied it with the white.

There is one problem with this plan, however.

I’m almost out of fiber to spin. Thank goodness for the internet and shops that sell fiber. Following the advice of a well-respected spinner, I purchased a variety of fibers. I purchased for my educational purposes: 8 ounces of Romney wool, 4 ounces of black Alpaca/silk blend, 4 ounces of Tussah silk, and 8 ounces of Organic cotton. I also bought a new, lighter (and prettier) spindle, to help with spinning the silk which can be difficult on heavier spindles (or so I’ve read).

In summary: I’m learning to spin and getting better every day and I just spent my yarn budget for February and March on a new spindle and a variety of fibers to spin. I do believe I am truly addicted to yarn.