I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been working frantically on some thesis research. I need some results that I can present next month in my conference presentation and not look like an idiot. Many of my activities that are not GIS-related have fallen by the wayside, including editing Chapter 3 and exercising. The one thing I have kept up with is my knitting with a few new projects on my needles.

I’ve been working on a Springtime Bandit scarf/shawl for a few weeks now, although I haven’t touched it the last few days. I’m on the last chart, so the end is near. Just need to finish it up so I know how much of that yarn I’ll have left. There should be at least one skein and probably most of another left. I’m thinking about using the rest of that yarn to make a pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mittens as a gift for a friend. I hunted down the pattern after seeing the last episode of Doctor Who season 2 this week.

While I’ve been watching Doctor Who with my husband (Netflix Watch Instantly has all 4 of the new seasons) I’ve been knitting a Clapotis.

This is a mini-Clapotis and not full-sized because I don’t have enough of the yarn for a full one. The pattern is simple once you get used to knitting on the diagonal and either increasing or decreasing every row. My favorite part is when I get to deliberately drop a stitch and unravel it down the scarf. I find that unraveling very cathartic.

Yesterday I started knitting an Urchin hat from the Fall 2007 Knitty. This hat is knit flat using short rows in 8 wedges. Once I looked up how to do a wrap & turn for the 5th time I haven’t had any problems with the pattern.

I have one and a half of the wedges finished, mostly while waiting for processes to finish in GIS. The green yarn on the end is the provisional cast on and will be taken off so I can use those stitches to graft the hat closed with the other end of the hat. The yarn is bulky, so it’s a very fast knit.

The Clapotis and Urchin will probably end up as gifts for friends. I’ve been thinking about what else I can make for the friends I’ll see while in Greece this summer. That’s more fun than thinking about restarting (for the 3rd time) the FLS I’m making for my mother. I’m trying to bribe myself into knitting that FLS  before I knit this Peasy sweater for myself. A few people have made it as a pullover, which I’m planning to do as well, so I can work on the bottom in the round. But I’m not even going to allow myself to buy the yarn before that darn FLS is finished. I just hope that I can buy the yarn and start the sweater before I leave for Greece in May, because I think it would be a great airplane knit, once I get to the stockinette portion.