Over a year ago, I tried a sample of the Apple Chai Infusion at Starbucks and have been a fan ever since. I live walking distance from a Starbucks (which isn’t as dangerous as the year I lived a block from a Graeter’s Ice Cream in Cincinnati), so I can get my fix almost all the time. But at $3 for a grande, I decided to try to make them for myself at home.

First, I assembled my materials.

I have apple juice in the pitcher (made from concentrate), chai spice black tea, and sugar. To warm the ingredients, I used my brikei, but you can use a small saucepan.

First, I opened a tea bag and cut off the tag and most of the string, then placed it in the brikei.

Then I poured in enough apple juice to fill the brikei.

And appliedĀ  heat.

Meanwhile, I added a spoonful of sugar to the mug I was going to use. It’s difficult to see, but it’s there.

I heated the mixture in the brikei for 3-4 minutes until it was warm and I could smell the chai. DO NOT heat until boiling unless you like the chai flavor really, really strong.

Finally, I poured the apple chai mixture into the mug and stirred in the sugar. And then I enjoyed the (less expensive) apple chai infusion goodness.

This is a very simple and economical way to get apple chai infusions at home, especially if you use the tea bag for 2 or 3 mugfuls of the drink.