I’m a little late posting my recap of last week’s goals and the list of what I’m trying to accomplish this week because I’ve been feeling a bit of a let down. I have a few big things coming up that are worrying me, so I’m trying to work through my anxiety, but am having trouble staying motivated. One of those big projects is that I wanted to have a (2nd) draft of Chapters 1 and 2 of my thesis to give my advisor in February, which obviously hasn’t happened. I’m also presenting at a large conference in April (booked my flight and hotel last week), but have quite a bit of work to do so I don’t end up babbling about nothing. Plus I need to get the paperwork started to hopefully get funding to cover at least part of the flight and hotel by my grad school, but not sure if there are funds because of the financial crunch.

The only part of my life that felt really successful last week was in knitting. I completed 2 projects during the Olympics and can claim gold medals for completing those projects. (Not quite the same as when I won a footrace in the stadium at Olympia and then fell and scraped up my elbows, hips, and knees, but just as satisfying.) Here are my completed projects:

The Traveling Woman Shawl.

And my Wisp scarf as it was being blocked.

OK, on to the goals!!

From last week:

  • Write climate and vegetation sections of Chapter 2 – I wrote both of these sections, plus a short section on hydrology. COMPLETED!!
  • Research settlement and land use in study area – I did research on the Bronze Age, but still need to read a key article.
  • GIS
  1. re-digitize villages – COMPLETED!!
  2. work on land cover classification – I’m stuck on this and need to email one of my professors for help
  3. derive slope and aspect – COMPLETED!!
  • Exercise 3 times this week – I only exercised once last week, which may have contributed to my feeling down.
  • Knit 5 repeats of fishnet lace and garter sections – COMPLETED the scarf!!
  • Greek: review colors and listen to HAU Modern Greek lesson 1. Introduction – nope, didn’t do it, maybe this week

I really slipped on exercising last week, so I’m going to try to make sure that I go at least twice this week. The thesis research and writing went fairly well, but I’m concerned about editing my first draft that I’ve been working on for weeks now, into a second draft that I can hand to my advisor (more about this below).

Here’s this week’s goals:

  • Write tectonics, soil, and land use sections – the final sections to complete this first draft!!
  • GIS: work on land cover classification & do analysis on sectors based on slope and aspect – need to work on analyzing survey area to see if there are trends of artifact density based on slope and aspect.
  • Start slides for Spring Symposium presentation – if I want to present in my grad school’s Spring Symposium, I have to apply (with slides included!!) by March 15. I’m hoping to use this as a warm-up for the big conference presentation I’m giving in April.
  • Exercise 2 times this week – I backslid last week, but need to exercise at least twice this week.
  • Finish knitting Bousta Scarf – I’m almost finished with this scarf and would like to have the knitting completed, ends woven in, and the scarf blocked this week.
  • Read about how to do editing – Much like I was reading about writing, I’m going to do some reading this week on editing to help me go from my first draft to a draft I can give to my advisor.

Those are the goals for this week. Tune back in next week to see how much I accomplished this week!!