Hello. It’s another Monday and time to assess how I did with last week’s goals and lay out my goals for the upcoming week.

Goals from last week:

  • Write Medieval section of Chapter 2 – I wrote this section, but upon finishing it up on Friday, decided to reorganize Chapter 2. This means that the sections I’ve been writing for the last month are going to be streamlined into one section, instead of making up half of the chapter.
  • Notes for Modern section – not completed; see note above.
  • Collect information about IKAP focus for each historical section – I have the data for the Ottoman Period (1716) and possibly Venetian (c. 1700), but need to acquire data for Late Bronze Age (Linear B?) and modern periods. The modern data may necessitate research in Athens this summer to look at the agricultural census.
  • GIS – did determine what I need to finish for erosion modeling and the list is frighteningly long.
  • Greek language – finally completed.
  • Exercise 3 times – Biked at the gym two times. Did not work out with weights.
  • File 2009 taxes – completed and accepted by the various institutions.
  • Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics – completed shawl and blocking!!!

Here’s a picture of my completed shawl as it was laid out for blocking.

And now on to this week’s goals:

  • Write climate and vegetation sections of Chapter 2 – I have most of the notes I need for these two sections (working on climate notes today) and should be able to get them written this week.
  • Research settlement and land use in study area – going to focus on Bronze Age data, although will work on other time periods as I have time.
  • GIS
  1. re-digitize villages – need to outline villages more closely
  2. work on land cover classification – must work on getting this done if I’m going to get to erosion modeling
  3. derive slope and aspect – simple operations using the DEM; should be summarized by square and sector
  • Exercise 3 times this week – more biking
  • Knit 5 repeats of fishnet lace and garter sections – 75 rows total (15 rows per section x 5 sections); this is a scarf knit with laceweight yarn, which is new for me. The laceweight yarn is proving to be a challenge so far, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.
  • Greek: review colors and listen to HAU Modern Greek lesson 1. Introduction – adding a new source of Greek lessons.

Another week with a variety of goals, hopefully achievable before next Monday.