Another week, another list of goals for this week. First, let’s look at how last week’s goals went.

  • Write ancient section of chapter 2 – completed on Thursday
  • GIS: check roads and maquis layers I digitized last month and create drainage basins – completed
  • Go running 3 times – completed, although I decided to try using a bike at the gym and not run to keep me motivated
  • Create weight training plan and lift 3 times – did not complete, so still need to start on this
  • Knit 4 blocks on Bousta scarf – finished with no problem
  • File 2009 taxes – still needs to be completed
  • Learn July 09 (Groceries) and Feb 08 (Fruits and vegetables) Greek vocab words – not completed; the first week I haven’t hit my Greek language goal
  • Laundry – completed!!
  • Write for at least 10 minutes every day – I wrote blog posts to help fill in, but still did not write on Sunday.

Goals for this week, February 15-21

  • Write Medieval section of Chapter 2 – I have half the notes taken, and would like to have this written by Thursday at the latest
  • Notes for Modern section – at least a start on the notes
  • Collect information about IKAP focus for each historical section – I need to add a paragraph to each of the sections I’ve been working on focusing on what was happening in the IKAP survey area. This will be added in when I do the first edit in a couple of weeks
  • GIS – work on slope, aspect, etc. and determine what I still need to get for erosion modeling
  • Greek language – learn July09 (Groceries) and Feb08 (Fruits and vegetables) vocabulary words. Repeat from last week.
  • Exercise 3 times – Biking at gym plus work with weights
  • File 2009 taxes – has been postponed for last 2 weeks and needs to be completed finally
  • Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics – complete 2nd time through Lace Chart A

Those are my goals for the week. I did a pretty good job of completing last week’s goals, so hopefully this week will go as well.