Cast on for my Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics project during the Opening Ceremony last night. Here’s my progress during the first two hours of the opening ceremony.

I’m knitting the Traveling Woman shawl in this lovely purple sock yarn. I wasn’t thrilled about the patches of bright pink at first, but as I knit more and the pink becomes part of the overall pattern, I’ve made peace with it. The pattern is simple so far (still in set-up rows), but might get more challenging with the lace charts.

Before the opening ceremony, I finished plying my handspun skein of yarn.

The yarn was originally all going to be the colored yarn with the white, but I ran out of the white, which I had spun first and was thicker in places. Luckily I had wound the colored yarn into a center-pull ball. I simply pulled out the other end from the center and used that in the place of the white. I washed the skein and hung it up overnight to dry.

Here’s the finished skein.

It’s not a masterpiece of handspun yarn, but it is mine and usable. And it’s much better than the first skein.

From my experience spinning this yarn, I’ve learned how to make a fairly thin single, even though I still have to park and draft. And I’ve learning that spinning is addictive and it’s a good thing I don’t have any more fiber in the house, since I have an Olympic shawl to knit in the next two weeks.