I really don’t have extra time right now, but I signed up for the Knitting Olympics sponsored by the Yarn Harlot. The premise is simple – decide on a project to be completed while the Olympic flame is lit (from Opening to Closing Ceremonies) that is challenging for your skill level.

My Knitting Olympics project is the Traveling Woman shawl – my first lacy triangular shawl project. I will be using this beautiful purple sock yarn I bought last week for the shawl.

I’ll cast on tomorrow night during the Opening Ceremonies and devote my knitting and spinning time to this project alone. I’m going to try to finish the spinning for my first (decent) handspun yarn today and double-ply it tomorrow. I’ll try to post pics of my progress tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a thesis and book chapter to write and a conference paper to prepare. Just as long as they don’t cut into my knitting time. Or something like that.