Recap of goals from last week (Feb. 1-7):

  • Write prehistory and ancient sections of Chapter 2 – 1/2 finished because wrote prehistory section. Ancient section to be written this week.
  • Read “Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day” – again half finished, but will finish reading this week.
  • Model terrain, watershed, and streams in GIS – didn’t open up GIS program at all last week. Total fail in working on this goal.
  • Go running 3 times – 2/3 complete, will try to run all 3 times this next week.
  • Finish scarf for friend – COMPLETE and she loved the scarf!!
  • Learn Oct09 Greek vocab (Useful Verbs) and review verb conjugations – complete; to be fair, I know and use most of the verbs, although this helped me remember exactly what each one means.

As you can see, there were few completed goals and the goals that were completed were non-thesis related. I think I made the writing goal too big (no more than 1 section per week from now on when I have to read and take notes for the material) and I didn’t feel well early in the week, which slowed me down (and kept me from running all 3 times last week). Let’s look at the goals I’ve set for this week.

  • Write ancient section of chapter 2 – started on the reading and notes this morning. If When I get this section completed, I’ll start reading/taking notes for the medieval section.
  • GIS: check roads and maquis layers I digitized last month and create drainage basins – fairly self-explanatory.
  • Go running 3 times – week 4 of the “Couch to 5K” plan.
  • Create weight training plan and lift 3 times – Probably try to do the lifting when at the gym/rec center for running. I found a website with training plans, exercises, and worksheets for weight training.
  • Knit 4 blocks on Bousta scarf – one block equals 32 rows in a single color, so four blocks will be 128 rows with 4,608 stitches total (36 stitches per row). Really a small knitting goal and one I’ll probably surpass now that the scarf is going well.
  • File 2009 taxes – something I started last week and would like to finish this week.
  • Learn July 09 (Groceries) and Feb 08 (Fruits and vegetables) Greek vocab words – some of these words I know, but some I’ve had trouble remembering.
  • Laundry – which means hauling dirty laundry down 3 flights of stairs, into the car, then to the laundromat. Reverse trip with clean laundry.
  • Write for at least 10 minutes every day – I didn’t write anything Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, which was a mistake. This week I’m going to at least write a blog post over the weekend to keep myself in writing mode.

Hopefully this week’s goals go better than last week and I keep making progress on my thesis. Because that’s what really matters.