Before I show off the fruits of my new hobby, here’s the completed scarf I made for my friend.

Completed Gift Scarf

I completed a section (3.5 pages) of Ch. 2 of my thesis today after meeting my friend for lunch (and giving her the scarf). As a reward for finishing this writing, I decided to open the Learn to Spin kit and well, learn to spin.

Here’s the kit, showing the 3 types of fiber included in the kit. I read the included book and decided to start with the top (brown) fiber.

I couldn’t get it. I didn’t understand how to “draft” let alone start with the spindle. So I turned to my favorite online teacher – YouTube.

I found this video by theartofmegan (who I then subscribed to) titled “Spinning Yarn on a Drop Spindle – Tutorial”. It took me two viewings, but the video helped me figure out how to get started spinning.

Now I’ve spun about half the brown fiber into very, very lumpy yarn. But it is yarn and I can still knit with it when I’m finished. From everything I’ve read, it takes time to learn how to make smooth, even yarn. I don’t care if my yarn is lumpy (well, I do care a bit), I still turned that fiber into something I can knit with. And that’s saying something.