I love coffee. I drink it almost every morning and sometimes in the afternoon if I treat myself to Starbucks. I think I may be addicted. Yes, I drink other caffeinated beverages (tea, soda), but if I don’t have coffee too many days in a row I have problems. Problems like the headache I’m fighting right now. I took ibuprophen and tried to take a nap, but neither of those helped the headache. Then I remembered that I haven’t had morning for two days in a row.

To get my coffee fix, I decided to make a double Greek coffee (also known as Turkish or Byzantine coffee). The steps for making Greek coffee like they make it at the village cafeneion are below.

Start with Nescafe Classic instant coffee mix (very important, no substitutions allowed). This is the same instant coffee mix that is used to make yummy Greek frappes, which makes it a staple for me. You also need water. I fill the cup I intend to use (in this case a teacup for a double Greek coffee) so I don’t have too much or too little coffee. If you like your coffee sweetened, you can also add sugar.

Pour the water into a vriki (or small saucepan), then add a heaping spoonful of Nescafe into the mix (I’m making a double, so I added 2 heaping spoonfuls). I felt like making this Greek coffee medium sweet to sweet (metrio to glyko in Greek), so this has 2 spoonfuls of sugar added into the vriki.

Stir the nescafe and sugar just until dissolved in the water, apply heat and wait until the coffee starts to boil.

As the coffee heats and gets close to boiling, you will see a foam form on top of the coffee. Do not stir!! Just wait until the coffee starts to boil.

Once the coffee mixture boils a little and the foam thins out a little, the coffee is ready!!

Pour the Greek coffee into your cup and enjoy! If it helps, imagine sitting in a Greek town square (plateia) underneath a shade tree, drinking your coffee and visiting with your friends.