I’ve had a very productive week. Writing out my goals really helped me focus and get work done. The goals weren’t too large so that I couldn’t get them done in a week. The only goal I didn’t finish was doing the landscape and watershed modeling in GIS. I did get the holes and peaks in the DEM taken care of and should be able to finish this goal next week.

Speaking of next week’s goals:

  • Write prehistory and ancient sections of Ch. 2 – This includes outlining the prehistory section and taking notes for the ancient section.
  • Read “Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day” – Checked the book out from the library and just need to read it. I’ve seen the book recommended and am interested in what it has to say about editing drafts of text.
  • Model terrain, watershed, and streams in GIS – Repeat of last week’s goal, but with DEM already created and in good condition.
  • Get climate/weather data for 1998-2006 for IKAP area – In the near future (weeks away) I’ll need to write about present day climate. This data will also be useful when I get to doing the erosion modeling.
  • Go running 3 times – I’d like to work on my personal fitness and am going to try running again (Couch to 5K plan). I got an ID card to the community fitness center and a 20-visit pass to use the running track (14 laps to a mile – ouch), so no excuses for not running.
  • Create a weight training plan – Checked out another book from the library about weight training for women. I’m going to read through the book, set my goals (mostly arms and upper body so I’ll be stronger for excavating this summer), and plan out the weight training to start the week after.
  • Finish scarf for friend – I started a scarf yesterday for a friend (very fast pattern knitting lengthwise) and plan to have the scarf finished by Thursday when I’ll be meeting her for lunch.
  • Learn Oct 09 Greek vocab (Useful Verbs) and review verb conjugations – Need to keep working on that Greek!!

I purchased a Learn to Spin Kit online yesterday from The Bellwether. I’ve been thinking about learning how to spin for almost a year now and I finally decided to do it. I’m very tempted to purchase the book Respect the Spindle, but will wait until I’ve tried out spinning with the kit I bought. Looking forward to learning a new skill.