It’s been a long time since I’ve added to this blog, but I’m giving it another go to try to get myself back on track. Since I last posted, I’ve taken the GRE (and did as well as expected) then decided not to apply to Ph.D. programs for next year. Part of that is due to the fact that I’m not nearly as far on my thesis as I hoped and also not to restrict my husband’s job search. Plus I need to decide if I really want to put myself through the pain and suffering that is part of getting a Ph.D. Some good news since I last wrote – I’ve been asked to take over the GIS for an archaeological project in Albania and so will be going to Albania after I excavate in Greece this summer. I’m excited to travel to a new country and to transition into doing GIS for projects, since that has been my goal.

As part of getting myself back on track with my thesis, I’ve decided to give myself weekly goals in order to keep myself going. As you’ll see, these goals encompass not just scholarly work, but housecleaning and knitting.

  • Send passport in for renewal – In order to finish this goal, I’ll have to get passport photos taken (which is why I’ve been putting this off) and dig out a certified copy of our marriage license. On the plus side, once I have my new passport, I won’t have to say that my passport is amended on the back page with my new name when the airline/gate security person sees that the name on my ticket is different from the name on the passport. That’s gotten a little old over the past 7 years.
  • Write section on pre-Neolithic climate and vegetation in Ch. 2 – I have almost all of the notes I need for this and just need to outline and actually write it out. I may need to pad it out a little later, but I really have no excuse for at least getting a first draft of this section written.
  • Take notes on human history in IKAP area – More work for Ch. 2. Doesn’t need to be detailed account of what was going on, but general sketch of level of human activity (and thus amount of landscape modification) through time.
  • Work on 3-D model of IKAP landscape and model watershed – Some GIS work, making use of the DEM I created by mosaicing two ASTER 30-m DEMs. Information and maps from both of these may be added into Ch. 2 as well as utilized for later thesis research.
  • Learn Dec09 and Nov09 Language Addicts Greek Vocab – Time to actually work on more Greek, by learning some vocab. This is a free monthly podcast (in hopes that you’ll buy their products). Dec09 is a podcast on useful nouns, while Nov09 features useful adjectives.
  • Knit 5 repeats of lace pattern (each 4 rows) on Mom’s FLS – I decided to make my mother a sweater for Christmas. We met up to buy the yarn (I let her choose and she decided on a beautiful color scheme of Dream in Color Classy) and I worked on it until Thanksgiving. Then she tried it on and we found it was too small (in my defense, she told me what size). So I frogged the sweater and started over. Since it obviously wasn’t going to be finished by Christmas, I’ve been procrastinating. But because I want it finished I’m putting this into my goals for this week.
  • Sweep and dust the apartment –  My poor, overworked husband does most of the cleaning, so I’m going to do at least part of it this week.

Well, that’s the list for this week. I’ll try to post throughout the week with how I’m coming and also with pics of mom’s sweater.