Yes, I’m submitting myself to the torture that is the GRE in 8 weeks. Unfortunately, I’ve already taken it twice, but since that was over 5 years ago (fall of 2001, to be more precise) I must retake the GRE as part of my application for Ph.D programs.

I did fairly well on the GRE the first two times (only took it again because an advisor suggested that my verbal score should be higher), but I’m determined to really kick its butt this time. I’m using the Princeton Review’s Cracking the GRE (2007) to prep for the exam. This is especially important because they’ve removed the analysis portion (with those fun logic games) and replaced it with the writing section. Writing makes me nervous, which is one of the reasons why I’m trying to post regularly to this blog so I can get in the habit of writing. Plus there’s a strategy involved in answering the questions, which the prep book explains throughout. I created a schedule to keep me on track with my prep work for the GRE, which I’m posting here as added pressure to adhere to it.

Meanwhile, I also have to choose which grad schools I’m applying to so I can have the GRE scores sent to them and keep working on my thesis (schedule for turning in chapters here).

I’m not going to have perfunctory preparation for the GRE, which would enervate my chances of getting into the grad school of my choice. Although ETS equivocates in its vocabulary, I will avoid becoming irascible and not let the GRE stymie me from my goals. (All vocab words I need to learn in Hit Parade 1).