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Pictured is the luggage I had with me on my way to the island of Kefalonia while I was in Greece this summer. In the picture is a large black suitcase, my overstuffed green backpack, a full canvas bag, plus my large black purse. Carrying all of that on my way to Kefalonia from Pylos (one bus, two trains, a taxi, and then the ferry) was not fun. Once I reached Poros on Kefalonia, I didn’t have a room reserved, so I wandered around lugging all of these bags until I found a room.

When I left Pylos, I had already left a few things (mostly yucky excavation shirts and my field shoes) in the hotel there. I left more items (another pair of tennis shoes and a book) in the hotel room in Athens before I left for home. It wasn’t enough. I had to pay 30 euros because my suitcase was over the weight limit. But at least I had everything down to just the suitcase, the backpack, and the large purse.

The moral of this story is that when I go to Greece next summer, I’d like my stuff to be a little more portable. Maybe a large hiking backpack and a small carry-on suitcase on wheels will do it. At least I have 9 months to figure out my packing situation.