Did a few small errands today (mailed paperback swap books, went to library, etc.) but nothing academic today. Instead I spent most of my day tooling around online, especially on ravelry. That place is like crack. I think I added 15 projects to my queue today, almost entirely from looking at my “neighbors” (people who have the same projects completed or in their queues).

I decided to made a Cthulhu Dice Bag (website here) for my husband who is a gamer and a fan of Lovecraft. I have the yarn and I have the needles, all that is missing is a bit of bravery to try my first fair-isle project. I taught myself to knit almost 5 years ago and have avoided colorwork ever since. Fair-isle has been on my someday list (along with socks, learning to spin, and making an entire sweater) for a long time. I guess it’s about time to face up to my colored fears and get to work.