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A friend who I’ve worked with for years on an archaeological project gave me the iPod nano she received with the purchase of her newest Mac. The iPod I’ve been using for years (6+ to be exact) is still working, although battery life is getting shorter and shorter. I love how pretty the new iPod is, with the lovely color pictures and videos and quizes. iPods have come a long way since I received my original iPod. The only downside is that the iPod nano only holds 8GB and not the 15GB of the original iPod, so there are songs missing that I would expect to be able to hear.

Many of my electronics (cell phone, older iPod, external hard drive) have knit cozies to help protect them from scratches. I found the pattern for this iPod nano cozy on ravelry. The pattern uses sock yarn (very thin) and a combination of seed and stockinette stitches. The new skill I learned in making this cozy was the added buttonloop, which I immediately also used on a reversible capelet that had been lingering without a button or shawl pin since April.

Now I just need to get back to taking public transportation so I have an excuse to listen to my new iPod nano.