My to-do list for today

My to-do list for today

An ode to the to-do list (the most marvelous of inventions)

What would I do without my to-do list

that keeps me so organized?

Would I remember that paper or chapter

that just needs to be written or finalized?

Would I forget to return emails

and never finish gifts for my friends?

For without my to-do list, I forget so much

and more often I would need to make amends.

Today is the first day I’m trying to get into the routine for this next year. The year when I must finish my thesis. I’m also going to be applying for Ph.D. programs, which entails taking the GRE again (hello new writing section!) and filling out applications. The most important thing this year is that I must write, write often, and write well. This needs to be the year I finally get over my fear of writing. This blog is one attempt I’m making to get used to writing everyday. Let’s hope it works.