Ripples SkirtI’ve been working on a few knitting projects lately, mostly small gift items. The first two are no longer on the needles, but just need seaming/buttons. First, is an iPod Nano cozy for the new iPod I received this summer. A cozy is necessary so I don’t totally scratch up the screen when I throw it in my purse. Second is a Calorimetry for my friend Mary Jane. It’s a headband to keep ears warm in winter. Cute and easy to knit.

On the needles I have a cotton lace beret I’m making for my friend Allisa out of leftover yarn from the Ripples skirt I knit for myself (shown above). It’s a fairly quick project and I should be finished with it soon. Also on the needles is the cami I restarted after I messed up and frogged it on the ferry to Kefalonia. Other projects include 2 lace scarves and a spenser that I’m probably going to restart.